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How To Use The Built In Image Partition In Dell Computers?

If you have been using your computer for a long time, then either for the sake of maintenance or for the sake prevent further corruption of the system, you seek to restore it. In most computers, this feature comes with a kick i.e. when system restoration happens, all your data goes up in flames. Therefore, we should consider ourselves lucky that Dell computers come with a built in image partition that allows users to restore their system to a specific point in time; the time being the one when the image is created. While this process is easy, its implementation seems to be a drag for some users.

Dell Support Canada Presents To You The Way To Use This Partition To Restore Your Computer

Before we go into the whole process, a word of warning; the entire process will eradicate every trace of old data from the drive. But, there is a silver lining here; a Dell Computer’s restoration process is more focused courtesy of the inbuilt image. Therefore, the only data that is going to be removed from your system is going to be from the drive that entails the operating system, i.e. the C drive. Once you have pondered upon these factors, you can follow the below given process to get back the glory days of your computer.

Steps To Start The Computer Restoration

  • As the data is going to be lost, make sure that you backup all the essentials among them
  • Now, turn off your computer. (A simple restart might be ideal but we are looking for a cleaner slate)
  • Now, disconnect every peripheral from the system, and we mean every peripheral. That includes:
    • Printer
    • Scanner
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • And any other external phone tablet and others
  • Turn your system back on
  • Just as the Dell logo appears on the screen, push on the “F8” key (be swift here). You will be directed towards the “Advanced boot Options” menu.
  • Among the options presented to you, click on the one that says Repair Your computer. Press upon the enter button to proceed
  • Now you are at the options recovery menu, select a keyboard layout you are comfortable with and click on “Next” to precede to the next step.
  • Now, you can log on to your system as an administrator
  • Select either of the following:
    • Dell factory Tools
    • Dell Factory image Restore
  • Navigate to the confirm data deletion menu by clicking on the next button
  • Now, select “Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition“on the checkbox and click on the Next button to proceed.
  • The restoration process will initialize, wait for it to be completed and then click n the Finish button to reboot the computer

Now that the system is reformatted, you can begin with the restoration of files that you have backed up in the external drives

If there is an issue while following through any of these steps, you should consult the experts. You can reach these experts via the toll-free Dell Support Number Canada. Under normal circumstances, the system reformat is the first option. Therefore, make sure that your system is properly secured through regular scanning, disk checking etc.

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