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How To Access The Safe Mode In Dell Latitude Laptop?

If your computer is infected beyond your comprehension, or there is one little program that cannot be uninstalled in a conventional manner; your best bet is to access the safe mode perform the operation from there. The Safe mode is a rudimentary mode of operation for any system. It loads only the necessary drivers and applications. Therefore, performing security measures is easier there. System corruption can happen to any computer regardless of their external architecture. Therefore, even the Dell Latitude Systems are not safe from these sorts of issues whenever they do happen. In such cases, the mentioned Safe Mode is one mode of rescuing the computers.

Dell Support Canada Brings To You The Way To Access This Mode In Your Latitude Laptop

Before we begin with the prospect of accessing such a rudimentary mode, you should know some common facts:

  • The Safe mode is one of the startup features that are common across all the windows operating system.
  • As this is software dependent, the way to access it remains the same for every system out there
  • Only the rudimentary applications are started, but you have the option of selecting between:
    • Safe M With Networking: Internet can be accessed, albeit in a more limited way. To that end, all the downloads for the operations that the system deems unsafe are denied
    • Safe M Without Networking: No internet access is available
  • You can perform uninstall operations on all the applications, regardless of their access rights

Once you have grasped the uses of this particular mode, you can begin with accessing it

Steps To Access The Safe Mode

  • Turn on your computers and start tapping away on the “F8” key. Ideally, you only need to press this key only once. But, considering the limited window of opportunity to get to the advanced options, pressing it continuously is the way to go.
  • Once the “Advanced Options” appear on the screen, you can stop tapping on the “F8’ key
  • Now, among these advanced options, navigate using the up and down key to get to the safe mode option and click on “Safe Mode”. Once selected, press Enter.
  • You will be prompted to restart the system

Once the system restarts, you will first observe some essential drivers loading on screen in a “DOS” fashion. Once it is completely loaded, then your latitude will start up. To get rid of this mode, just restart the system, and the computer will reinitialize in a normal fashion.

If the system is still causing issues, be sure that you have access to proper experts. You can contact Dell Technical Support Canada experts via the toll-free helpline number. These experts will be able to assist you in rebooting your system in the safe mode. Furthermore, be warned that whatever changes you do make in this mode will linger on in the Normal mode as well. To that end, deal with the options in a cautious manner.

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